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Weight-LossReviews.com is all about facilitating its valuable users with not just authentic but up to date information. The site caters different sub-niches like tips to lose weight, different tweaks in lifestyle and exercise topics. The site has 97+ articles with the experience of 20+ years of weight loss problems.

Moreover, a team of 15 people is working on this site in different capacities to deliver the best possible content for any given query.

Our team is consists of experienced editors, content creators, and technical crew that make it possible to generate high-quality posts for our end users.

Our aim is not just to put forward content but to make your life easy and fun loving.

Weight-LossReviews is one of the projects of Technoness.com among various other projects on world wide web.


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Here on Weight-LossReviews.com, I (in the capacity of a writer) am trying to add value to other people’s lives (with my personal experience of more than 20 years in which I lost 25+ kgs multiple times) to cope up with the most common yet problematic issue of all the time (OBESITY).

I am qualified to reflect on weight loss related problems because I have seen all the phases (Obese to overweight and overweight to Slim) plus “Practical experience is the best qualification among all the sources” out there.

Moreover, I like to experiment A Lot. Some worked pretty well, and a few of them were disastrous like crash dieting (horrible experience). I will share all the experiences.

Weight Loss is possible 🙂 

If I can Lose, you can too! 

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I’m a bit seasoned Balach Content Writerand have worked in a freelance company before named Gaditek. Other than that, I’ve done A levels from Nixor and am currently in my 6th semester in IBA. Health Niche is not new to me; I have worked for almost six months on this niche.

I just love to share my writing to reach other people as I have been a gym goer for a couple of years and exercise with suitable postures is second nature to me. I share tips related to exercise to help newbies.

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I have been a public speaker, and I am triple Masters

  1. Defense & Strategic Studies from QAU
  2. Masters in English from Punjab University
  3. Educational Planning & Management from AIOU

I have had almost 15 years of teaching experience with different organizations and been a writer for seven years. I have taken multiple courses on Udemy (related to nutrition, diets, and healthy eating) to better my skill set. Moreover, I have had several distinctions at the national level in speeches and writing contests.



Moize Qaisar

I have done BS in Electronic engineering. Moieez (content writer)I have been in the content writing field for almost 3.5 years. I am a versatile writer as I can write on the technical stuff as well as on health topics.
Eat healthily and stay healthy is my mantra; I love to create healthy food dishes at home that are not just tasty but can fulfill nutritional needs too. I firmly believe that having the right mindset is indeed important to lose weight and whatever you add in your body matters too. Here, I have got a platform where I can share my knowledge about eating healthy and clean food to make the right changes in your life. Eat tasty but healthy!

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Maida Jawed

I have done BS in Food Science and Technology. I take part in numerous workshops and seminars.

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