Alli Review- Naked Truth About This FDA Approved Fat Burner

This article is going to share every single detail that a reliable Alli review needs. Over one decade ago Alli weight loss pills became part of the collection known as fat burners. Since then Alli for weight loss is doing a marvelous job. It has got the certification of quality.

Hence, fame has multiplied several times. As per the different Alli reviews (Alli Amazon reviews are included) and the statements of the manufacturer it is possible to reduce the weight by a maximum of 10 percent.

Despite all these positive statements and Alli reviews, the question of safety is still there.


Is Alli A Good Diet Supplement?

It is a kind of medication. Before actually consuming it, it is a must to see all the Alli ingredients, impacts and the Alli side effects. If anything has even a few problems, then the people must avoid it because the chances are they might get into any severe problem after using it.

The following article has all that you might need for a healthy lifestyle. It is going to discuss the ingredients, the Alli benefits and even the worst side of this weight loss supplement Aka fat burner.

Therefore, the ultimate verdict is going to help in making the ultimate decision.


Alli: An Overview Before We Start Alli Review

If you want to treat your obesity, then you may find orlistat on the market. It is always doing a great job in overcoming the excessive weight, or we should say excess fat. It helps in relaxing the body by getting rid of the extra weight and fat burning. Besides this, It helps in controlling and overcoming the frequent hunger pangs. One of the popular ones is Alli orlistat weight loss diet pills. An intake of 60 mg it is possible to get rid of more than half of the weight that you expect to lose with the shift in your lifestyle. If you need a better idea, go check out this article.

Alli is an effective agent in reducing weight. It may take months, but the overall result is awe-inspiring. It is worth taking for the young ones who want some weight reduction at the age of 18 or more. Thus, the results are far-reaching if the product is combined with the exercise and the diet both.


You can learn more about different exercises here.

  1. Easy home workout
  2. Chest workout
  3. Workout like a celebrity
  4. Try some specific exercise for shoulder
  5. Add dance in your workout via Zumba style workout


This orlistat works by reducing fat absorption levels. Thus, the user starts consuming fewer calories and the fat decrease. The result is less weight and a healthy lifestyle. The FDA approves it for its excellent results. Instead of depriving the body of essential energy it actually hits hard against the fat deposit in the body. Before actually bringing to the home be realistic. Furthermore, Don’t increase your expectations for it is a pill and not a miracle pill.


The Manufacturers (Alli Review)

It is created by the renowned GlaxoSmithKline for perfect weight loss. Under the current president Mr. Jack Bailey, the company is making great progress. Moreover, GlaxoSmithKline is in the state of Philadelphia. Besides, the customers having problems or looking for some assistance can contact the company through the email or the telephone number provided on the official website.

According to the Alli review, although the company has done a great job, we cannot ignore the criticism. The company is reported in specific illegal actions. Therefore, they were penalized and fined for these illegal actions. They were found guilty for not following the safety rules and promoting prescription drugs on the market.


What Makes Alli Special?

The manufacturers have not added any long list of ingredients to the supplement for weight loss. They have ensured to keep the list to just one active ingredient. This is Orlistat. This product contains only 60 mg of the ingredient. The major task of this core ingredient is to ensure fat burning and fat blocking.

It happens when the product prevents the enzymes called lipase that break fat from being active. Hence, fat absorption will get low. The unabsorbed fat will go out of the body through the excretory system. This won’t be wrong to say that Orlistat is the fat blocking supplement.

There are certain other ingredients added to the product too, but they are not playing a major role. All they have to do is to give a better taste to supplement and make it a stable product. Besides this, they don’t have much to do.


How To Use Alli?

The results depend on how vigilantly you take the supplement. The instructions come along with the pack. The user needs to follow the given instructions on the packing:

Consume the pills thrice before the major meals along with the whole glass of water. Staying away from fatty food for fat decrease is essential.

  1. Minimum of one hour before the meal
  2. Expecting or nursing mothers must avoid it
  3. It is not good for the ones having BMI less than the recommended or falling at the age of fewer than 18 years.


How Can The Supplement Help?

With the minimum ingredients on the list, it still helps in a number of ways. Some major changes that anyone can expect from this supplement are as follows:

It blocks the fat deposit. Therefore, instead of getting absorbed in the body the fat goes out of the body.


There are no complicated instructions to follow. The instructions come along with the packaging. The user needs to take these thrice a day before the regular major meals.


It prevents the weight from adding enzymes to work. Therefore, once the enzymes stop working the weight starts reducing.


Who Can Use The Product?

As per the instructions of the FDA, it is a safe choice for people above 18 years of age. The right BMI to start taking it is 25. People below this BMI should avoid taking this product. It can cause unwanted results in the underweight people.

Hence, according to the directions of the experts, it must not be used by the following consumers.

  1. Those who are on cyclosporine
  2. who had recently undergone major transplants
  3. Those suffering from severe digestive tract problems
  4. Women who are expecting or nursing
  5. Those having faulty gall bladder or kidneys
  6. Those who are on medications especially for diabetes, HIV, and seizures


Is This Really Effective? Does Alli Work?

As per the Alli review, the results depend on how the product is consumed. Usually, fitness seekers find a solution to their weight gain and excessive pounds. If the product is used along with the low fat and low carb foods the results can be overwhelming. It will hardly help if the users do not keep an eye on what they are eating?

A successful weight loss program must include a healthy diet and regular exercise along with the supplement. The weight loss and the fat decrease is not very significant. It would just take away a few pounds and won’t go beyond this. The health experts also suggest that eight glasses of water can further improve the impact of the product.


Weight loss With Alli (Alli Review)

There are not many positive and prominent reports about weight loss results. Most of the users lost only very few extra pounds after switching to this dietary supplement.

The results are there only for a very short term. The maximum a user lost was 7 pounds in six months. The cost of the supplement is even a problem for certain buyers. The results are satisfactory but too limited. It is a cool option for those who want to lose just a few ounces and can endure the expected side effects. There are no changes in the appetite level or of metabolism. It has hardly anything to do for those who are taking full-fat meals. The results are better for those who combine it with a healthy and less calorie diet plan.


How Long Should I Take Alli? (Alli Review)

The fitness experts are of the view that a loss of one pound of weight in the first week of the first month is a positive indication. Usually, a loss of 5 percent in a year is successful completion of the goal. The results of the first month actually predict how long you need to consume the supplement. Moreover, the experts also suggest that along with the medication, it is better to keep a close check on what is on the menu and how regularly you are going for the exercise. If the weight loss is less than the required percentage in the initial months, then it is better to stop taking the medication. At the same time, don’t ignore the side effects. If they persist for long, then it is better to stop taking.

At the same time, some users are of the view that the results stay for as long as six months. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to label them like short term products.


Possible Alli Side Effects (Alli Review)

Just like the results the side effects also vary from person to person. Some might report minor problems while others may face severe side effects. Usually, the common sides that come from different customers are as follows:

  1. Irregular and unusual stool
  2. Indigestion
  3. Skin problems like itching and rashes
  4. Body aches
  5. Cold and flu
  6. General weakness

The stool after the supplement is unusual. It has a different color and texture. This change in the appearance is because of the undigested fat deposits that come out along with the stool. If you are taking it along with the fat rich food, then you are likely to witness some oil marks on the clothing. If the signs stay for longer, then it is better to see the doctor.


What To Take Along With Alli?

In order to get the best results, it is better to keep a close eye on the diet. It is essential to add some and drop some foods from the menu. The suggested and the prohibited foods are as follows:

  1. Foods to add
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Milk products with low-fat content
  4. Meat portions without fat
  5. Soups
  6. Major meals thrice a day
  7. Foods to avoid
  8. Fat rich meat and proteins
  9. Too much of fatty products
  10. Junk food and deeply fried content


Which Supplements Are Better Alternatives To Alli?

In case Alli is not as per your expectations, or the results are not as though, then you can switch to other options. Although it is a tough thing to decide the option is varied. You can easily buy better options. Several options are available on the market to choose from. Some excellent alternatives to Ali are as follows:

  1. PhenQ
  2. Phen375
  3. Capsiplex
  4. Phen24
  5. Hydrocut
  6. Plexus Slim
  7. LA-3
  8. Thrive Patch


How Much Does It Cost?

A single pack of this contains 60 capsules. Each capsule has a weight of 1 mg. Hence, one pack weighs a total of 60 mg. for this regular pack, the price starts from the $41.99. You can just pay a sum of $59.95 for 120 capsules. Besides this cost may vary from seller to seller. The refund and the discount policies vary in a similar manner too.


Where Can I Buy Diet Supplement Alli? (Alli Review)

It is not a problem getting the product. It is easily available on the physical and the online stores. If you intend to buy the product, then you can get it from any health store. The online sources are Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS.


The pros and cons

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” title=”Title Here” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”dofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Approval of the FDA
  • Easy to buy
  • Can be used with the fatty foods
  • Reduces fat absorption and caloric count
  • Added with clinically tested ingredients


  • Can cause side effects
  • Temporary and short term results
  • Slow weight loss
  • The performance reviews



There are a number of reviews appearing on different sites. These sites have both the positive and negative reviews available from different users. To reach out for the product, it is important to see what others have to say about the product. Thus, a total sum up of the reviews can help in identifying the benefits of the product.

When we talk positively, we see weight loss. The satisfied customers have stated they reached their goals easily after they started using it as per the given instructions. It is a great addition with a healthy diet and exercise.

With the positive implications, we cannot ignore the negative views as well. Some are critical about the high prices while others have complaints about the slow process. The side effects are also bothering for many users. They are not comfortable after having nausea, indigestion and other digestive problems.

The overall Amazon rating shows a 3.6 out of 5 stars. Hence, it is a mediocre product.


User’s Comments/ Alli Weight Loss Pills Review


Alli Customer Reviews

The Final Words

There is no doubt that it has the approval of the FDA. Even most of the researches have proved that Orlistat can make a difference. Besides all this, we cannot ignore Alli side effects. Additionally, loose stools can be a problem at times. The results are also temporary. Moreover, once the users stop taking the supplement, the results are gone, there are many other products that are much more beneficial as compare to this one. We personally love the working of PhenQ. If you are interested in learning, you can check full review of PhenQ here before reaching any decision.

Hope you find this Alli review useful, do share your feedback, comments with us 🙂

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