Avocado Health Benefits-How Avocado Is Useful For Health?

Avocado health benefits are “talk of the town” for not just one but multiple reasons. Avocados are different if you are drawing any comparison of it with other seasonal or nonseasonal fruits. It is common for a fruit to be high in carb ratio.

However, avocados are just simply a great source of healthy fats.

Thus, it is just getting trendier to include this creamy texture fruit on to your toast or have its smoothies. The good part is there is so much to learn about these Greenie gems that we are going talk in this very blog. Stay tuned to enjoy relatable info in fun loving way.

Avocado Benefits

Avocado is definitely a versatile food, but at the same time, it has got numerous versatile names as well. Such as calling it alligator pear, stone fruit or butter fruit is nothing surprising due to its versatile nature.

It is pretty much awesome when it comes to the ratio of monounsaturated fatty acids. Thus, these monounsaturated fatty acids are the real cause behind its creamy type of feel.

Hang on, hang on! Just having fatty acid does not mean that it is always bad for you. There are some cool and useful fatty acids are present that can actually improve your health state. This good fat can lead to bad cholesterol to plunge. Therefore, it ends up helping you with weight loss.

To add Avocados in your routine, you do not need to do much as it is possible to consume them raw or bake it, cook it whatever form you prefer.

Avocados need a warm climate for proper growth. There are 15+ health benefits of this stone fruit, and some of them consist of prevention from the issue of depression, better digestion, a shield against cancer-causing elements.
Moreover, this trendy alligator fruit has approximately 20 minerals + vitamins in it, isn’t it amazing?

Avocado Nutrition Benefits

Avocado Nutritional Benefits

Health Benefits

It is not a hidden secret that having all kind of fruits and vegetables in your diet is likely to reduce various health risks in the first place. Various studies have demonstrated that fruits and veggies like avocadoes have the true potential to decline the risk of cardiovascular issue, diabetes, and obesity, etc.

Avocado for weight loss

1.Benefits For Weight Loss

There are several clinical trials to advocate that regular consumption of avocado has a positive impact on the overall BMI, waist circumference and weight loss. Additionally, if you have a habit of taking avocado daily, you may guard against metabolic syndrome (study).

Furthermore, hypolipidemic activity (study) is possible in the presence of avocado extract that tends to decrease obesity chances. Better ratio of monounsaturated fats makes it an ideal companion for appetite regulation (study), metabolism of energy and sensation of appetite.

If you are calling them weight loss friendly-food, you can indeed call them that. Having avocado in your diet regimen during a weight loss journey is simply exciting. It will let you consume lesser calories as well as it will support you to stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Interestingly, avocados benefits include its lower on carb and high in fiber qualities too. To cut a long chase, this fruit is great for weight loss. You can easily add it in your high fat and low carb diets and how can high-fat consumption can help you lose weight, you can read here.

Avocado for heart health

2.Benefits For Heart Health

You may get surprised, but among all the causes of death, heart problems are the most common issue. Moreover, various levels in our blood can be the culprit to incline the risk of heart problems. These levels are inflammation, BP, cholesterol, and triglycerides with numerous other levels.
The relieving point is that almost eight clinical trials have been conducted on avocado benefits for heart health and avocados (study) influence on these obnoxious risk factors.
The exciting part is these studies have confirmed that the use of this stone fruit helps in

  1. Lowering down cholesterol (study) and to a significant level of around 22 percent
  2. A proper decrease in triglycerides around 20 percent
  3. Good cholesterol levels (study)go up around 11 percent
  4. The overall decline in cholesterol levels (study)

For the betterment in your cholesterol levels (you don’t need to know witchcraft 😛 ), you should add avocado in the veggie diet with a low-fat diet, low carb, and some polyunsaturated fatty acid (study) and boom!!! Your cholesterol levels will have a positive influence of this positive tweak in your diet in no time.
However, all of these studies were of small-time span plus with a small number of subjects.

Avocado for eyes

3.Avocado Benefits For Eyes

Avocado, divinely delicious fruit, is suitable for human eyes too.

The cardinal cause for its being in favor of our eyes is the presence of one of the carotenoids. There are around 600 + carotenoids in nature, and one of them is lutein. Lutein is simply amazing for eyes health (study). Blissfully, Avocados have up to eighty micrograms Lutein. Interestingly, even most of the supplements of Lutein can provide you just 10 mg. Hence, you may call it an eye medicine of nature.

If you have this question, why you should have Lutein in your diet? So the answer is it has natural antioxidants (study), and it can be supportive for your eye health particularly as the human body age.

Moreover, some of the researchers even claim that it can filter blue light (harmful) very easily. Moreover, it also adds value through keeping the eye cells in a healthy state.

Our retina has two carotenoids Zeaxanthin and lutein (study), which are highly crucial to the functionality of human eye retina (study).

Including carotenoids in your diet can make it possible to reduce macular degeneration (aging-related issue) and cataracts. Thus, having avocado is not a bad deal at all.


Avocado for cancer

4.Benefits For Cancer

One of the recent studies had revealed that avocatin B has a tendency to kill stem cells of leukemia that are able to lead to Recurrence of AML.  The best part is avocado did not only vanished the stem cells but actually, it kept healthy cells in the affected area unharmed. Moreover, the researchers are trying to form some effective medicine through it.

Avocadoes are a great source for, and these carotenoids exist in the greener part of the avocado that is nearer to the peel. Thus peeling Avocado the right way is also mandatory.

Due to excess phytonutrients in Avocado make it certainly a desirable fruit with its multiple health benefits. Moreover, it can prevent the issue of breast cancer to a greater extent(study)It can be a dietary solution in different cancer prevention.


5.Avocado Health Benefits For Skin And Hair

Avocado for skin

i.Benefits For Skin

We have discussed through this article that having this fruit can result in tremendous health benefits and the situation of its benefits is not much different for skin and hair.

Skin constantly need moisture (no matter what your skin type is), this stone fruit provides to your dry skin and keeps skin at bay from damaging or chapping.

You may get surprised, but the truth is that today avocado (due to its skin benefits) is present in numerous cosmetics where it works for the glow on skin and supplying essential vitamins.

Moreover, avocado oil is quite helpful in psoriasis (study). This fruit can also help in preventing premature aging due to the presence of lycopene and Berta-carotene.

It can also work (with other combinations of elements) to shield skin against UV rays/ sunburn.

Avocado for hair

ii.Benefits For Hair

Hair growth plus strength is possible with vitamin E (study) that is present in this fruit. Furthermore, vitamin E can actually fix scalp damage. One of the clinical trials has confirmed that when vitamin E supplement had been part, the better hair growth took place.

Still, it does not advocate that avocado is great for hair all alone, but due to abundant Vitamin E present in this fruit and avocado health benefits, there is nothing bad in giving a shot. 

Moreover, for experiencing hair benefits, you can actually use it through an avocado mask. There are different combinations of masks are available, but an egg or plain water mask with this fruit will work too.

Avocado Health Benefits

Wrap Up:

Avocados are trendy these days. We all love to follow trends (good or bad). This trendy fruit is jammed pack with nutrients to deliver avocado health benefits. Therefore, it can easily be part of your diet. That was it from our side on the topic of avocado health benefits.

So have you ever had avocados? What was your experience with them and if you have not tried them before, will you try them now?

Share your feedback in the comment section. Chao for the next time! 🙂


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