Celebrity Workout 2019-Awake Your Inner Celebrity!

Celebrity Workout- How Helpful Can It Be?  

Celebrity workout, you can try too. Probability is high that the greatest lie ever told is that being in the spotlight is the best experience ever. A bold statement indeed but what if you were to catch a glimpse of a superstar? You would probably end up tracing your steps back. Why? Well, celebrities always have to meet certain requirements set for them by society. Some see them as idols and inspiration concerning fashion.
Celebrities are often found wearing a mask. The way they walk and even the way they act around other people. Their real lives are far harder than one can imagine. Only the truly gifted can balance the stardom with their personal lives.


The image is everything. Hence, maintaining a perfectly symmetrical body shape is preferable amongst fashion divas and superstars. You would be in awe at the physical finesse of John Cena and Niki Bella.
However, the thought that it took them years of constant effort to build that will not cross your mind. Special workouts, a special all-protein diet plan as well as a proper sleep schedule is essential. You do not get a “perfect body” simply by staying in bed all day.

That is the reason why celebrity workout routines are anything but easy. Instead, if you are planning to opt for one, be sure to have an instructor with you. You might start all sloppy but will get the hang of the daunting exercises over the course of time. Whoever said staying fit was easy?

Celebrity Workout

How to warm up for Celebrity Workout Plans? 

You should always start your daily celebrity workout plans with a few warm-up exercises. Use any weights lying around in at your home. Take them out and put them to good use. You can still start your warm up by picking up 6-liter water bottles. The easier it gets for you, the more bottles you start picking up at once.

Find an open space once you get the hand of proper weights. Start with a warm-up of 25 jumping jacks. They help stretch the muscles in the entire upper and lower areas. That way your body can heat up and start producing sweat. Everything is back to back. Once done with jumping jacks move on to squats and push-ups.
Complete 15 of each in a total time of 5 minutes for best results. Be sure to time yourself properly while doing your warm-up exercises. Take a 30 seconds breather once you have done it — your celebrity workout plans.


Top 5 Celebrity Workout Routines:




If you know Kim Kardashian, you probably are aware of the kind of fitness levels she has attained over the years. She is goals for millions of people around the world whether it concerns her slim waist or her perfect butt all because of the intense celebrity workout she goes through. Trainer Melissa Alcantara comments on how the celebrity has an intense workout routine that she compromises for no one. Halle Barry is also involved in serious weightlifting exercises other than Kim Kardashian. Hip thrusts and deadlifts are a personal favorite of the celebrity.



High-Intensity Interval Training: 

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid are huge fans of HIIT. HIIT provides a challenge to the person involved. Adding HIIT to your celebrity workout routine will help the abdominal area as well as your thighs. HIIT requires a full body weight lifting experience. It is considered one of the toughest exercises to pull off. Be sure to never skip out on the workout once you have started for at least two weeks as this could disrupt the balance of your core muscles and may produce negative results altogether.


30-40 Minutes of Cardio: 

We all know the kind of music Taylor Swift comes up with but did you know that most of the new songs she thinks up happen to be while running on a treadmill? If running is that much profitable, why doesn’t everyone try it? Well, intense uphill cardio for 30 to 40 minutes sounds easy, but once you’re out there on a treadmill, you start feeling the heat in your thighs and legs. The tear of muscles is evident as you lose all feeling of your lower body after its done. Actor Michael B. Jordan also had to go through several months of hardcore cardio to tone himself for the movie “Creed” hence making this exercise perfect for your celebrity workout routines.


Resistance Training: 

Resistance training is the kind of celebrity workout routines that help burn unnecessary fats faster. It is a kind of combo training routine that is present with weight-lifting and other fat burning exercises. The most important feature about this routine is that you continue to burn fat even after the workout has ended in a scientific process called “Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.” Overall, eating a daily dose of 20 g of proteins can help make these celebrity workout routines most effective.



Perhaps you weren’t expecting something like this after having read the rest of the celebrity workout routines. Yoga is an ancient method of exercise. It is executed to benefit you both physically and mentally. Actress Jennifer Aniston’s secret to a perfect body despite her age is that she has never missed out on a day of yoga mixed with toning exercises. There are a total of 82 studies published online. They highlight the key benefits of adding yoga to a celebrity workout routine. The best results are known to show after ten weeks of the program.


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Recommended Male Celebrity Workout Routines?



Male celebrity workout routines have created several “Captain Americas” out of “Steve Rogers.” These exercises are prized for their simplicity and effectiveness around the world. Many celebrity trainers recommend them in celebrity workout plans. They include:


Side Lunges for Thighs: 

A taste of the red carpet and the paparazzi that follows is motivation enough for getting your calves and legs ready through a male celebrity workout routine. This purpose of the exercise is to shape up your outer thigh muscles and calves. This will give you that buffed up look you desire. Add a suit on that fits perfectly and you have yourself a good looking man all ready for the stage. Using around 6 to 10-pound weights while making the side lunges helps add resistance, therefore, causing a bigger tear in leg muscles which in turn increases the efficiency of the exercises in your male celebrity workout routine. Think of it as a little tip to further enhance your experience.

Total Body Exercise: 

The two best exercises for total body workouts is hard to decide. Trainers settle on plank rows and high knees as their recommended exercises. Both these exercises are fun and require hard work. They focus on your core amongst other elements and are great at fat burning. Start off by doing planks for a total of 1 minute and keep increasing the time by 30 seconds each after a set. Go for high knees once done with the planks exercise. Make sure your knees are raised as much as they can stretch. This helps burn the fat of the most crucial parts of your thigh joints and muscles relating to that.

Crunch Curls: 

Crunch curls are known for devastating anyone’s thoughts at the gym. They are the easiest to understand and the hardest to execute. The biggest issue present with crunch curls is that most times people get the positioning wrong that affects the overall celebrity workout styles. The simplest way to execute crunch curls to lie down on a mat or the floor and moving into a curled crunch position. Make sure you lower knees in line with the floor and both legs are parallel to each other. Lift your legs up and bring them forward one by one all the while you rotate your torso. The more you stretch in this position, the better it is for you. You will be amazed at how your abdominal area feels tougher than before.


This particular celebrity workout style is perhaps the most overused and famous workout style around the world. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and BebeRexha love doing squats for their butts and thighs. Squats help build the lower and upper buttocks area and also strengthen thigh muscles. Use weights of up to 4 to 8 pounds depending on the type of squats you are doing to increase resistance and adding to your experience. Balance is the key in this style of exercise. Experts suggest that the most profound part of a squat is the amount of weight that is balanced on the heels. The error here is the focus of weight on the entire foot rather than the heels.


Celebrity Arm Workouts

Most of the workouts mentioned above involve the core and lower body areas however it does not take a genius to realize that whether you are a man or a woman if you do not have the right arms, you do not look the part. Appearance is yet again essential in first impressions. The internet is crawling with celebrities and gym instructors with powerful and fit arms. Some consider veins are popping out as a turn on amongst men. Therefore, here are some celebrity arm workouts that are essential:


Lying Triceps Extensions: 

Fairly easy to understand and effective for the triceps. Most people do not realize, but the triceps are actually more important when it comes to muscle building than the biceps as they give that extra buffed up look most men and some women aspire for. Lie on your back, in a state where your head facing up. Hold a pair of dumbbells straight above your chest and slowly let them fall down to your ears before raising them back up again. Repeat this 20 times and four sets a day. Increase the weight size or number of times you do the exercise depending on your progress.


Hammer Bicep Curls: 

This is the easiest and widely known of all exercises. Simply hold a pair of dumbbells while standing. Separate your feet at shoulder distance and then raise wrap your arms to your shoulders and back down again. Repeating this 25 times and four sets a day can produce wonders for your biceps giving you that Popeye looks, you once watched on television.


Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 

All the exercises target a specific body part so far. This exercise targets the shoulder areas, and the number of weights you use drastically changes the impact. Simply hold a dumbbell above your shoulder with your free hand straight to the side. Take the dumbbell above your head in a raising position and then back down. Repeat the process 15 times and four sets a day. The boxer Muhammad Ali quotes that he only started counting once it started stinging where he was exercising so you might want to keep the tip in mind.


Celebrity Workout Programs you can take? 

Well, You can sign up for a variety of programs both online and near you. The more famous ones cost you in three figure range and produce amazing results. The trainers in such celebrity workout programs are the same trainers who train seasoned celebrities like Tom Cruise or David Beckham. Getting involved in celebrity workout programs such as “Barry’s Bootcamp,” “Belly Dancing” or “Piloxing” can help achieve goals faster. They provide the best experience in terms of power workouts. Go with what your gut feels is best for you depending on your daily schedule.

If you are new to exercise, follow these simple exercises


Whether you are aspiring to be a celebrity, already one or just a commoner, you too can possess a ripped body and the perfect shape. Trainers and science combined have come up with several home exercises if you cannot afford the gym so everyone can take care of physical health. No longer will you face any jiggles in your belly or arms while you run on the beach. You develop the kind of confidence that helps your growth and as the romantics say, “falling in love with yourself is indeed (without a doubt) the first step to following in love with the world.”

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