Couple Workout 2019-Exciting Way To Spice Things Up..!

You have been dating for over three years, and both of you have a connection, unlike anything you have ever seen. She fills the gaps in your world, and you do the same. Like Yin and Yang, both of you accept having faults but don’t let it define you. Instead, It is the will to overcome them that does. In short, you two are perfect for each other. It is precisely the reason why a couple-workout at home can be beneficial for you both.

Imagine how much time is wasted with distractions that are redundant. Come to think of it; you two might have spent a lot of time either swiping up and down on Facebook or indulging watching Game of Thrones. Instead of the usual cute stuff that has been portrayed on social media lately why not try to workout instead? A couple workout routine at home or the gym is the perfect new snap story or Instagram post to obsess on provided you indulge in the hard work to build a good physique.


Benefits of Couple Workout at Home?

You Make Memories:

The person you are executing the workouts with is not only your support system. They may as well be the reason you get up in the morning. Couple workout routines at home have cases where memories are made. You end up making loads of memories because of funny instances and smart comebacks. Either your partner does not know how to do an exercise, or both of you find out who each one is in a couple workout at home. It is in tough situations that you show your true colors and knowing your partner inside out through workouts is an added benefit. Some couples even end up opening workout channels on Youtube to share their good times with the world.


You Feel More Connected:

Imagine picking up the dumbbells and working those biceps and triceps together in a couple workout at home. Your partner will eventually motivate you when you are about to give up and vice-versa. Such moments build emotional connection where you understand the fundamental truth about what your partner is like. You feel a sense of belonging and at the same time you build muscles to look amazing. It is a win-win situation either way. Furthermore, strong bonds are forged in places that require mental as well as physical strength and a workout for couples at home is both.


You Feel More Confident about The Relationship:

Endorphins and Dopamine are the two major hormones that are produced when you do a couple workout at home. While Endorphins help to inhibit a feeling of confidence in you, Dopamine helps to increase the feeling of happiness and joy. Both of you end up with great moods by the end of the exercise and any negativity between the two vanishes. Think of it as a detox for relationship issues like jealousy or frustration.


Both of You Look Sexy:

You have always witnessed models at home in a magazine or on a website. How would you feel if both you and your partner possessed such physical fitness? To look hot and feel fresh every day of your life through at home couple full body workouts. That when you look at her/him, your entire body surges with energy. You end up taking pride in your relationship. Looking and feeling the part is both essential and one can always get themselves interested in building muscles and staying fit. Trust us; if your partner knows you are strong and lean, they will not end up ditching you. Think about the millions of picture you two will take in the future. How amazing you two will appear in them and how your friends will adore you two as a couple.


You Feel Much Happier; Together:

Studies show that the idea of a fulfilling relationship is hard to achieve, but somehow, physical exercise and daily workouts inhibit the sensation. That is the reason why relationship gurus and websites online instruct couples on doing exercises together in a couple of workout at home. Think of it like an investment into your happiness and the satisfaction of your other half from you. Going on runs together and setting fitness goals can help achieve them faster when there is someone right beside you. Lastly, the relationship is not dull anymore; it is thrilling as you indulge yourself in backbreaking couple workout at home together.


Your Partner Will Fall in Love with You (Again):

Sweating together while exercising might sound disgusting, but psychologically it induces an effect that you feel at the time you first fell in love. Shortness of breath, unimaginable attraction and sexual arousal are all part of the package that comes with couple workout at home. You can even invite someone you have a crush on to start exercising with you at home couple full body workout. Who knows, they might fall for you in the time being since all of the effects are out of our control. Seeing the same attraction in your partner’s eyes can reignite the flames of any relationship. As the passion returns, you will suddenly find jolts of electricity coursing through your veins. It is falling in love all over again.


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Best Couple Workout at Home?

Some couple-workouts are available online. However, not all are equally as effective as they sound. Through proper research and practice, here are the perfect exercises to be undertaken in the four walls of your home:

Hook Squats:

These squats help target the bottom and thighs in your body. It requires both partners to keep in-line with the motion of the other. Both partners experience how well their significant other motivates them when they are about to give up since it is a hard exercise to execute. You start by standing next to your partner and then bending in the squat formation. Start squatting and then moving around in a circle. The completion of a circle is one set. Keep doing this for three more sets to complete four routines for useful results with small 30 second breathers in the middle. If at any given time even one of you decides to give up, the exercise cannot continue. Hence, it is crucial that you keep motivating your partner in this at home couple full body workout.


Alternating Box Jump:

This exercise is fun and can be treated as a warm-up for your leg muscles. Both partners have to be in sync if they are to pull this off. For starters, you and your partner can keep an eye on each other for proper form. People often break away from it somewhere along the middle. To execute this couple workout at home place an object or box in the middle and start jumping on it in squat motion alternatively. Keep doing it for 15 reps and four sets for strengthening your legs and thigh muscles.


Upper Body Challenge:

This is one of the best couple-workouts at home and can be treated as a kind of challenge. Try keeping a reward for the one who wins at the end and both of you can have fun while doing this exercise. The resistance training exercise targets the bicep and triceps muscles mainly. Grab a towel and curl it around your hand. This will be used for resistance against the bicep curls your partner does. One by one, let your partner feel the burn while you pull on the towel and they complete the exercise in the given time. Good results always appear when you understand your partner’s needs more than anyone.


Partner Push-Up:

This couple workout at home is a personal favorite of many. You might have seen this in movies where the man does a pushup while the woman sits on top of him. However, in reality, both of you will take a turn side by side. Simple lay down on the ground and let your partner lie on top of you. After this use your hands to lift you and your partner off the ground and start doing the traditional pushups. The resistance of your body and the body of your partner is sure to make things interesting as your arms and shoulders begin to burn. Do not give up though as your partner is there for you!


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Feeling energetic and confident about your body is the best thing ever. Having a partner who is the same is even better. Both of you are like a unit, and when life gets tougher, it is these moments that are going to help you. Building a strong relationship comes from not only living together but helping each other meeting their goals. For once, you are not alone in the world, and you have someone to care for and help build to their best potential.

If you are a beginner at home workout couple, try understanding the weaknesses and strengths of your partner both physically and mentally. This should always remain the case before deciding the couple workout routine at home. Keep in mind that no matter what life throws at you, you two have to work together from now on and face it. Real strength comes from the heart.

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