7 Dangers Of Crash Dieting And Why Crash Diets Really Suck?

Why Crash Dieting Sucks?

Crash dieting is not new at least for the last couple of decades it has been present. People who are ever ready to cross any limits to get a slim trim figure, try some of the most extreme diet plans.

Speaking of its unreasonable popularity, today, we will be discussing why this crash dieting stuff sucks, and you can also get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Crash Dieting Substitutes



Does Crash Dieting Work?

Yes and No. If you are asking about its effectiveness so yes, you will lose weight dramatically. Actually, most of the diets are astonishing in terms of bringing visible results.
However, when it is about weight loss, you cannot just focus on watchable results, but you should also be asking whether it is a healthy style of weight loss or not.
So in that perspective, crash diets usually cause malnutrition to its users. Hence, due to malnutrition, users can see changes in their physiques.

Can Crash Dieting Cause Hair Loss?

As we have said in the previous paragraph, your body gets nutrient deficient, and that is why you might experience hair fall.

You are trying to go for these crash dietings, and hair fall can happen. However, it is not mandatory that you will lose hair for sure. You might not lose hair if you are not trying anything crazy.


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Effect On Your Metabolism

If you are asking, can crash dieting affect your metabolism? So the answer is yes most of the time. What is the reason?

Well, when you are cutting one food group completely from your diet or sometimes multiple food groups without thinking, you will bear the consequences. Having every food group is essential.

We are saying so because they all serve different purposes. When you are on dieting usually, your body gets the message that you are not able to get enough food.

Thus, the body starts slowing down the different process of your body to let you survive the longest.

Your brain wants to see you alive, you are slim or not is not your brain’s headache. So trying crash diets is a disaster.



Weight Gain Due To Crazy Diets

Yes, it is certainly possible to gain weight as soon as you stop following your crash dieting.

When you are not giving your body anymore the signal of artificial food scarcity, you will start gaining.

Whatever weight loss occurs during these crash diets, it is actually usually the result of an unnatural state of food deprivation.

Look, we understand losing weight is important for you. However, if you are losing it at the stake of your health, we suggest you should not go for such extremes.

Here, you also need to consider this fact that weight loss is not one time process just like plastic surgery.

No matter how efficiently you try and how many times you have lost weight, if you are not adhering yourself with the right habits, the weight can always come back without a doubt.

Especially when you lose weight abnormally, and you come back to your normal eating lifestyle, your body weight tends to increase even more.



Can Crash Dieting Affect Fertility?

Whether you are overweight or extremely underweight both have the tendency to kill your dream of becoming a mother.

Thus, you have to be very cautious about your body weight. What method you choose to decrease or increase your weight matters.

Do remember, bodyweight is not just a thing; it has the connection to every system and every mechanism of your body.

Any fluctuation in weight whether you increase it or decrease can bring consequences that you were not expecting in the first place.

Speaking off effects of body weight, keep in mind that crash diets can disturb your hormonal levels at a great length. These hormones can influence the performance of our reproductive system, and its mechanism has no exception here.

Therefore, if you do not want to bear infertility, it is better to avoid crash dieting options. Having a dream body is certainly awesome but not at the expense of your infertility.



Dehydration Will Be Possible

Juice diets seem so attractive as they can make you lose weight so quickly. Have you ever pondered about why they can make you lose weight so easily?

This is because most of the juicing diets allow you to get rid of water weight.

However, reducing water weight is not a type that you should be looking for. This is not a wise decision at all. Glycogen sticks to water and keeps it there.

Moreover, Glycogen is a form/ source of energy too for your body.

However, when you lose water weight, the water moves from here, but fat cells do not lose any water so when you get back to your old eating habits with 2-10 days, you start gaining lost weight again.

Moreover, you actually increase your body dehydration that does not attack alone. However, it brings issues such as headache and dizziness.


Irritation Is A Possibility Too

No one likes to be a grumpy fellow around. However, crash diets can turn your worst nightmares into reality. Extreme diets have the tendency to provoke the secretion of corticosterone.

Corticosterone comes from the brain that can easily increase stress levels, irritation and ultimately the risk of anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, the chances are that you will have to bear poor sleep quality and bad concentration span that can ultimately lead you to fatigue.



Heart Issues Lurk

Crash dieting may bring a few positive aspects such as decreasing blood sugar levels, Lower BP, etc. these crash diets are not loyal and can certainly bring even the worst issues on to the surface.

Here, we are referring issues like heart problems due to increasing heart fat levels.

Thus, any individual, who is thinking to give crash dieting a shot and has already heart issues, should contact their doctor to avoid any unwanted issues.



Crash Dieting Substitutes

If crash diets are so horrendous what other options you can go for?

First thing first, you have to understand the practicalities, you just cannot behave insanely, and you have to set realistic goals if you are willing to lose weight and want to sustain your results for long term.
When you opt for long term changes to keep weight in check, it indicates that you are opting for a better physique and toned body shape instead of depriving yourself of essential elements.
There are multiple options available that you can opt for if you are not after crazy crash dieting techniques.


Some of these options are as follows.

  1. The decrease in sugar consumption
  2. Add more options of lean protein
  3. Say no to alcohol as much as you can
  4. Go for a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables
  5. Having pulses and grains is also a great option
  6. Say no to stress or at least try to avoid it
  7. Trans fats should not have any place in your diet chart instead go for healthy fats
  8. Improve your intake of dietary soluble fiber
  9. Regular physical activity is a must. It can keep your metabolism in check. Moreover, it can keep your mental health in check too.
  10. You can go for 10,000 steps per day or make your own exercise routine. Having your own exercise routine is flexible, and you can enjoy it too.


Wrap Up

In losing weight, there will be nothing bad if you do it for yourself. Just do it, okay.
However, it does matter what method you opt for. Do not choose a risky way for a thing like weight loss.
Weight loss is a life long thing because you can always increase it.
Thus, select a method that you can stick to. Moreover, it should not take a toll on your health.


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