Eat Fat To Lose Weight Fast-Should You Really Believe It?

Eat fat to lose weight fast seems such a crazy idea but the twist of the story is that it is not a crazy idea at all. It illustrates the idea well that when you elevate your fat intake, you are indirectly cutting down your sugary and starchy food intake.

Hence, it means I should be taking lots of lots of fats to lose weight fast, right?


Eat fat to lose weight fast is possible

No, sorry but the equation is not this much straight.

We are not trying to confuse you, but when you are talking about fat consumption for losing weight, it asks you to go through all sorts of information, misleading info, conflicting research work. The list is not short, but rather it goes on and on.

Despite the fact, it is proven through studies; you just cannot believe in every single paper.


For example:

In One Of The Studies:

It was revealed that decreasing the consumption of dietary fat can lead to body fat even much better than cutting carbs from your diet. However, the study was held on a bit smaller scale.

Moreover, this study took place just for a few days (even not for one month) and just 19 subjects (small figure).

Another Study: 

Another study from another authentic source Medicine Journal study (New England) performed a clinical trial on 63 subjects. They divided the subjects into two controlled groups for examining low fat and low carb diet. The study drew the conclusions that group on low and high fat reduced more weight than the vice versa. The study was also contradictory to the initially mentioned study in this article.


In short, a higher fat diet can fetch better results according to this later study.

Almost all the prestigious names in the health industry such as the American Diabetes Association and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; etc suggest the elimination of dietary fatty items (somewhere 30 percent of a person’s total calorie intake dietary fatty items they recommend). Moreover, they portray Saturated fat as the deadliest public healthy enemy.


Saturated Fat

Nooooooo Saturated Fat????

It is not a new thing, but for almost decades Saturated fats have been portrayed as the primary suspects for most of the heart diseases. Thus, today, it is the norm to skip egg yolk when it comes to eating eggs. Although most of the evidence is against whatever media has been depicting, still they consider saturated fatty options the real culprit for the cardiovascular issue.

Approximately, 300,000 people’s data was revealed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to highlight just the fact that Saturated fatty options do not impose a direct risk on CVD or CHD.

Moreover, another study University of Ohio has stated that even taking thrice the recommended quantity of Saturated options cannot lead you to the increase of saturated fat in the blood.


So, Where The Real Problem Lies?

Actually usually, clinical trials do not evaluate that which type of saturated option they are talking about if you talk about organic, grass-fed options, things are great but yes factory farmed or artificial style breeding food choices or sources are definitely alarming for your health. Having organic options can actually provide you health benefits. However, overcooking and blackening of beef due to overcooking is the real culprit that oxidizes saturated fat. The same scenario of oxidization has more chances of occurrence when saturated option exposes itself to any of these elements; air, light or heat; for a longer period of time.


Why Eat Fat To Lose Weight Fast?

It is the norm to keep fatty foods at bay especially food items like avocado, nuts and various cooking oils. Moreover, during weight reduction, they seem even more horrific than usual. Knock! Knock! Just because of the absence of essential fatty food items, you tend to consume more protein and carbs to maintain your daily calorie intake. Again it is a disastrous recipe to follow (abnormal protein and carbs intake with zero fatty food will bring you unusually bad results). Here are three valid causes to have some fat items in your diet even when you are slimming down and you will get the answer of Why to eat fat to lose weight fast.


Reasons to eat more fat

Reasons -(Why to eat fat to lose weight fast)

1.Tastes Awesome

Have you ever overeaten any bad taste food? No, because you always binge on your favorite and tasty food items. To understand it easily, imagine your favorite food and now a little addition of butter, olive oil or cheese in it as per the taste, now the chances are that the taste of your favorite food item will be a little better.

No matter what you are eating either a bowl full of boring veggies or a bread/ dinner roll, it instantly gets better once you add a bit fatty taste to it.

Thus, if adding a bit of cheese or cream can make you eat your boring salad instead of going for a junk food option then just be okay with that creamy or cheesy option rather be okay with having fries (a sinful pleasure).

However, selecting a fatty option wisely and in the right amount is also mandatory. Adding fatty option can be done in a smart way too like having your morning bread slice with a smashed avocado instead of a dab of butter, or you can just grill your beef or chicken with a dab of olive oil/ coconut oil rather frying it in a pool of oil.

You can opt for chia seed to increase your Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.


2.Fatty Food can give you a feeling of Satiety

Most of the time, a feeling of fullness can also stop us from overeating. It may sound theoretical, but it is quite practical. For a fact, Fatty food options take more time in the digestion process than any carb food options. Hence, having Fatty options can keep you full. Adding them in your mealtime is simply an excellent idea to avoid abnormal munching habits.

  1. Instead of taking just egg whites opt for a whole egg.
  2. Instead of taking fat reduced cheese, add a regular small cheese portion in your breakfast.


These both options might sound heavy or weird but taking fatty options in breakfast tend to keep you full for longer hours, and the chances are you will not be adding mindless calories in the name of cupcakes or chips to curb untimely cravings for snacks.


3.Better Cholesterol

For many having the fat diet is a sure recipe to high cholesterol. However, the scenario is another way around. Having healthy fats can actually decrease LDL cholesterol (the bad type), and it can increase HDL cholesterol (the good type).

For instance, soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and olive oil can easily diminish LDL cholesterol. Furthermore, having oils (Monounsaturated) can work great for insulin and keeping the sugar levels in check.


Sugar is bad and fats are good

Sugar Makes You Fat (Obese) And Not Fat Makes You Fat

Sugar is the culprit that you should be tackling with when you happen to gain fat. The higher the carbohydrate ratio you intake, the more sugar levels rise in your blood. To normalize the blood levels, it is an extra burden on your body because your body secrets more insulin in the body.

High insulin sends the signals that do not burn any fat just pack it away. Thus, your body just uses readily available carbs and never approaches your fatty deposits in the first place.

However, when you eat fat, insulin does not increase in the blood. The fat fellow has got a bad-bad reputation, and it is just because those people usually take excess fat with excess sugar and most of the insulin is because of that carbohydrate intake and not because of the fatty option itself. Eventually, your body just gets mixed signals.


Reality Check: Not All Fats are Similar!

Fats are important we have talked about it throughout the article. However, choosing the right ones also play a huge part. Trans-fatty acids are not something that you should add at any cost in your balanced plate. Instead, go for fatty options that are of high-quality and can give you maximum benefits.

Food items to avoid in Trans Fats

Trans Fats

  1. Cakes
  2. Doughnuts
  3. Coffee Creamer
  4. Fast food
  5. Margarine (either tub or stick)
  6. Popcorn (in Microwave)
  7. Frozen Pizzas
  8. Some of the processed food items
  9. Crackers
  10. Cookies
  11. Candies filled with cream
  12. Pies
  13. Breakfast sandwiches

A big no to “Trans Fatty Acids.”



This marvelous fatty option possesses great health advantages for its user. They are simply amazing due to some of the following reasons.

  1. Omega-3s can fight back inflammation effectively.
  2. They are great for elevating a healthy brain performance.
  3. It is clinically proven that they are highly supportive of developing muscle mass and torching fat content.


Some of the Omega-3 options are

  1. Cod liver oil
  2. Fish (various types)
  3. Nuts
  4. Chia seeds
  5. Soybean oil/ different plant oils

However, if it is not feasible to have 1000 milligram Omega acid daily, try to supplement Omega 3 (but first take advice from a physician)


Medium-Chain Triglycerides food options

MCTs (Medium-Chain Triglycerides)

MCT/ Medium-chain triglycerides is simply an amazing option. It is various food items like

  1. Palm oil
  2. Ghee
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Butter
  5. Dairy Products

Speaking of MCTs presence in various food items, coconut is a superfood.

We are saying so because MCTs in Coconut oil can just do miracles in various ways

  1. Slowing down the aging process
  2. Confronting infections
  3. Improving Cardiovascular health
  4. Great for skin and hair care

If these health benefits are not enough to impress you, there is more. MCTs in coconut oil tends to accelerate the metabolic rate and decrease hunger. This better metabolism quality is great for torching fat. Human bodies sustain themselves on health fatty options such as MCTs and Omega-3s. Fat diet or no fat diet, you should always add the right fatty options to give the balance that your body requires the most to get a sustainable energy source.


Eat Fat To Lose Weight Fast

Which Option To Limit, Carbs Or Fats?

Low carb teams lose two to three times extra weight percentage as compared to low-fat diet team. So what does it indicate? Before we reach conclusions, it is also noticed worthy that in low-fat diets, the subjects were asked to restrict their calorie intakes but in most of the diet with low carb (high fat) diet, the subjects do not have any such restrictions.  Moreover, it is proven through studies that low carb and high-fat diet contained lower degrees of visceral fats.


Why Low-fat diets are not a very wise idea to lose weight?

Without having basic biochemical info, it perfectly makes sense to have such query. Higher fats tend to trigger belly fat deposit. However, it has proven numerous time to cut down fat; you have to eat fat.

If you call dietary fats with their biological term “lipids,” the chances will be that most of the confusion will have vanished with fear of consuming nutritional fatty foods.

Dietary fatty foods are limited, carbohydrates (unintentionally) becomes the option that fills the void of remaining calories. One gram of fat has the almost double capacity to deliver energy as compared to the carbohydrate source.

In any measure, the dietary fatty source is much better than any carb source (that usually has just starchy food items, processed food items, etc.).

Natural fat has the capacity to make you feel full for a longer duration. Thus, it means no stupid craving tension.

You can also read low carb high-fat fast diet here or some exercise to make weight loss a reality. 


Which diet is more suitable for better sugar ratio in blood?

Refined carbohydrates tend to raise the sugar levels dramatically in your blood. Thus, having a higher fatty portion in the diet is certainly good for insulin and sugar levels. Moreover, managing Type 2 diabetes will become much easier.

Furthermore, according to a few studies, reversing type II is possible to some extent if you opt for a low carb diet.


Final Thoughts On Eat Fat To Lose Weight Fast

Eat fat to lose weight through indulging more fat in your diet and to take the carb consumption to the lowest degree. Especially cutting down sugar is nothing less than a blessing.

Sugar does not here represent sugar itself but any and every carb source that has white refined carbohydrate source or processed forms of carbs in it. Even when you add carbs, you should aim to add them with sources like quinoa, barley, and millet, etc. to have better fiber and lesser carb potent.

If you consider that it gets hard to curb cravings, try to add some avocados, nuts, whole eggs, and even raw full cream dairy products (organic ones).

To cut a long chase: Dietary fat has been part of our food cycle for thousands of years. Having carbohydrates in the high ratio can simply lead to inflammation whereas eating fat more than any other nutrient can make weight loss possible.





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