HCG Diet-Scam Alert! Don’t Buy It Until You Read This Review

HCG diet is an extremely LOW-CALORIE and highly talked about diet plan, which results in a rapid weight loss, without making you stay hungry at all, or so it is claimed. The thing is if it really has some magical weight loss powers then why is it such a big “FAIL?”

The answer is simple; the claim is a fraud.

First, let me explain what an HCG diet is and how it works.

Scam Alert

What is HCG Diet & Its Working?

HCG diet is actually a weight loss regime in which we couple a very low-calorie diet with regular Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) injections to achieve a rapid weight-loss (study). Guess where else you’ve heard the name, HCG?  You guessed it, yes, it is the same HCG hormone that a pregnancy strip test detects in the urine(study).


Pregnancy Indicator

What is a PREGNANCY INDICATOR doing in a weight-loss program?

The HCG diet plan came out in 1954 when a dietician Albert Simeons published a book “Pounds and Inches” claiming he had discovered a NOVELweight-loss program.

All major names in the field soon joined him. Experts at that time believed that the hormone had powers to accelerate the weight loss process that a low-calorie diet was supposed to initiate.

When the HCG diet plan first came out in the late twentieth century all of a sudden it was such a popular phenomenon that everyone was going crazy after it. Celebrities all over the world were rushing to get their fix of HCG.

Hollywood was leading the trend, and everyone just loved it.


why did it fail

If it was so popular and delivering what it was claiming then

why on earth it fell from grace so hard?

The answer is simple; it was all fake (study).

In the early 1990s, researchers in the United States were struggling hard to find the magic behind HCG injection led to weight loss. They conducted various researches only to find out that it was nothing but a massively advertised PLACEBO.

In simple words, no matter if you have HCG injections or normal saline drips, as long as you are following the same calorie-intake regime the weight loss is similar.


If it is such a thing of PAST then why are we talking about it NOW?

Had the scientists in sitting in labs so thoroughly reject it, then why we even felt the need to talk about it?

Let me tell you, the star-studded, and always fashionable Hollywood is back in the game. Kardashians are the big shots here, and the rumors say they themselves are on HCG shots (though not confirmed).

Look what they’ve done. The craze is back, the media is talking about it, and probably that’s why you are on this page.

The reasons for this comeback are many.



Scientific Approach

Thirty years since the scientific community declared the hCG diet unscientific, and the FDA  debunked the fraud (FDA), we still haven’t found a single plan that can beat this ELIXIR of weight loss in popularity.

In fact, in the last three decades, we’ve tried everything. Like, everything, from ATKIN’S to KETO and even portion control diet plans. They are healthy. These diets do reduce weight. They are long-term solutions.

However, not even a single one of them is likely to come close to the results HCG was claiming. And do you even have an idea what the HCG diet plan was claiming, a POUND_OF_FLESH_LOSS a DAY!


Choice of food

HCG diet plan is a 500-calorie-a-day diet program. The choice in those 500 calories is yours. You can either take vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, green beans, broccoli. It is possible to have a handful of grapes, oranges, and apples in fruits that add up to your 500-calorie limit for a day.

Moreover, you can get the edge by drinking plenty of water and sugarless tea as much as you want to keep you hydrated and helps you get rid of the fat stores.


500 calories diet

How small is a 500-calorie portion?


We can imagine it by comparing it with different meals. A cup full of chopped chicken breast with two servings of vegetable is 500 calories. A serving of pasta or any other cheese stuffed meal is around 500 calories. A Big Mac is about 500 calories.

In fact, 500 calories are what an average person consumes in one meal time. Noteworthy stuff is an average person requires 2000 calories for a day. So, now you know the struggle. You feel hungry.

In the early days, the hunger is usually intense. The claim is that hCG shot makes the difference here. It stops you from feeling hungry and makes the whole process easier.

Is the claim genuine? We’ll see that later. First, we’ll discuss the plan in detail.


HCG Diet Plan:

This plan has its phases.


Phase 1

This Phase 1 is the day one protocol of hunger and control, but as your brain gets accustomed to what you are trying for your body, it sorts its own way of adjustment that leads to phase 2.


Phase 2

In this phase, the hypothalamus part of the brain starts using your body fat from the storage sites of your belly, back, shoulders, etc. Hence, your excess is consumed, and your muscles are spared!


Not to eat food items during HCG Diet

what not to eat in HCG Diet? (Diet Restrictions)

One more addition is what NOT to eat in the Hcg diet apart from sugar, and artificial sweeteners are Eggs, Ground beef, Condiments, prepacked meals, and fat products including milk, etc.

Hcg is the hormone part of the diet plan. One takes it in the form of small doses called shots. The person following the diet plan takes the hCG shots intramuscularly or subcutaneously along with the diet. They are also available in oral forms in the drug stores.

You can buy it from drug stores or online pharma sites as well as in some cases directly from the producer’s site.


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What forms are available?

Other forms are in pellets and sprays. They serve their obvious purpose that is to increase the HCG levels in our body. Just a reminder that the use of such forms for weight loss is not FDA recommended but is an over the counter use. FDA does not approve any of its use. So, the sellers have started using the backdoor.


HCG Levels

Let’s talk about the HCG LEVELS. In normal non-pregnant women, the level is less than 10Units of HCG per liter of serum.

In a positive pregnancy test, the level of more than 25 U/L appears between 8-11 days of conception. A pregnant woman of about 29 to 41 weeks after the LMP (Last Menstrual Period, average one week after 1st missed period) the levels are 940 to 60,000Units/L.

These levels are highest at the end of 1st trimester that is up till the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy and then declines. For example: In pregnant woman of about 8- 12 weeks after the LMP the levels are 32 to 210,000U/L.


HCG Diet Plan:

HCG plan requires calculated moves. Here is the point where you should know about the HCG Calculator. You need it for the assessment of how well you are doing.  In it, you need to know the basal metabolic rate (BMR) or requirement of the daily caloric intake of a person based on their age, size and weight and activity level.

So, you make a chart with the vegetables, fruits or lean meat you want to eat on the consecutive days with their caloric values in front that cannot exceed from 500 to 800 calories.

That’s the MAINTENANCE level. You can either go below 20% of this value for weight-loss as a pound contains 3500 calories, so you have to create a 3500-calorie deficit diet to lose a pound a day, so an EXTREME weight-loss level is below 40% of the original requirement, i.e., 500 cal.


HCG Diet Results:


Hcg diet works quickly. You get rid of 18 pounds within a month depending on your will power to follow strictly and your power to suffer for your loss.

Most of the people who want to try this regime ask if it is ketogenic or not? Though ketosis does happen in the process, the plan itself is not KETOGENIC in its mode of action. The research giant WebMD defines the ketogenic diet as a diet low in carbohydrates.

The aim of keto-diet is to shift the body’s primary energy utilizing metabolisms from carbohydrates to fat and proteins.

On the other hand, this is not how the Hcg diet plan aims to solve the problem. The problem is that the ketogenic diet regime involves more fat consumption in diet and a very low level of carbs, so it leads to tired days and energy-drained lifestyle.


Does it work for both genders?

Ask many. It works the same for both genders as HCG is present in every human tissue and not just the pregnant ladies. This diet doesn’t lead to a Plateau where after losing the initial pounds, it gets static. The weight, under this diet-loss regime, keeps decreasing as long as one keeps following the plan.


HCG Diet Side Effects

Side effects of HCG Diet

On the other hand, the price is waiting for you and you have to pay for it. The SIDE EFFECTS to follow up are a pain at the injection site, fatigue, restlessness, depression, headache, swelling on the dependent parts like lower legs, feet, and ankle.

It increases fertility in a woman (study), so oral contraceptives are present with the diet. In males, it causes Gynecomastia which is the development or enlargement of the male breast.

The discovery of the formation of clots in blood vessels by hCG further hampered the success of the controversial diet plan. Thromboembolism is the word health-professionals use for it in medical terminology.

Experts say HCG hormone leads to increased blood clotting and thus it can result in serious consequences in patients with a history of hypertension and other blood vessel disorders.


What experts have to say?

Experts at Mayo clinic believe that a 500-calorie diet plan is outrightly a dangerous and risky idea. Kathrine Zeratsky, a weight-loss expert, says that such a low -calorie diet plan slows down the body’s metabolism.  Such a dangerous practice damages long-term weight-loss efforts, she says.

No-one can live on 500 calories for a long time. Eventually, everyone has to fail, and everyone fails.

At Harvard Medical School (Peter Cohen) an assistant professor of Medicine, says, “It is reckless, irresponsible and completely irrational. Can you Lose weight? Of course.

But that’s mainly because you are hardly consuming any calories and any benefit is not going to last.’’


So, what is HCG doing here in the whole equation? Where does it fit in? And what’s the matter?

Katherine Zeratsky, the expert we are quoting, says it is playing an important but fraudulent role here. The role of a well-advertised PLACEBO. A placebo is a drug that has no actual effect on the body but is merely given for the psychological satisfaction of the patient.

People believe in magic.

Here, the placebo-hormone is given to sell the plan to maximum people by making them believe in this magic, she tells.

She is actually right. A 1995 research published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology supports the idea that HCG as a weight-loss agent is merely a placebo. The research showed that it is not hCG that causes the weight-loss but the low-calorie intake. It also proved the hCG claim at various other points.

The research also showed that HCG DOES NOT reduce hunger or treat obesity. No feeling of well-being is associated with the hormone, the study revealed.


Medical investigation Confusions due to HCG:

Medical investigation is a technique on which doctors rely to support their diagnosis. Sometimes, the hCG diet plan can lead to investigative failure (study).

For example, in case of some check-up if a woman on the hCG diet plan goes to a hospital can mistakenly end up in a surgical emergency. The doctor, on the base of raised hCG, may make a diagnosis of pregnancy. The radiographic investigative examination cannot detect pregnancy in such a case. This investigation may lead to a diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Those familiar with the word know that it is a surgical emergency.

In males, a raised hCG level, without a proper history-taking, may lead to a diagnosis of cancer.


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Wrap UP:

It is a miracle to lose rapid weight or a dangerous fraud depending on who’s talking. Some research has even linked it with CANCER. According to basic medical wisdom, this makes sense, as Hcg encourages the production of androgen cells and increased androgen can lead to androgen-sensitive tumors such as prostate cancer in males, it can lead to certain cancers.

This is a hypothesis that we just made, and it needs further research. Questions are endless, and we have tried to answer the few and the most important ones here.


One-Liner: HCG diet plan does not work (study), and there is no doubt about it.


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