Niacin For Weight Loss (Vitamin-B3), Why Should You Choose?

Niacin for Weight Loss, how much it can actually work? Gaining weight was never the issue, was it? Looking back at your older years you realize how much your body has changed, how your chin isn’t even visible now. Your belly hangs towards the front, and your thighs are as big as a cow. Two people can fit into just one of your shirts while the waistline has never been bigger.

You ponder over the idea of losing weight, but that’s not happening anytime soon. How could it? You don’t even know where to start? You’ve been eyeing out fitness magazines for weeks looking to gain some motivation to join finally. Nothing really happens, does it?

You’re not the only one. Millions of overweight people around the world face the issue of not knowing when and where to start. The initial steps are the hardest. You can easily get demotivated if you don’t see any weight loss even after a month of working out. That’s the reason why you need a kind of boost to the entire process. Niacin weight loss supplement is going to help you make things much faster.


What is a Niacin Weight Loss Supplement?


Niacin or vitamin B3 are the same. Vitamin B3 for weight loss supplement in itself is not a weight loss agent. Instead, it works with other nutrients that are relatable to weight loss and present in the supplement. A well-balanced diet on its own can help you lose weight. When you are very used to eating fatty foods, you get caught up in the limbo, and it is very hard to get out. The supplement, therefore, is an easy way of ensuring you succeed in meeting your daily dietary needs.

But why would you eat Niacin weight loss rich foods? Well, Niacin weight loss supplements are good for reducing the overall cholesterol levels in your body. They also help reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Fat buildup around the system can increase the chances of a stroke. Exercising while eating more of Niacin or Vitamin B-3 is a quicker way of losing down on those extra pounds.


How does Niacin help with Weight Loss?


Adding Niacin weight loss related foods to your daily diet while working out is a good step into ensuring you lose calories. Niacin works just like any other natural, effective remedy. It helps to convert food into energy faster that can be used while exercising. This goes towards burning excess fat in the body when you are exercising. Niacin weight loss supplement on its own is not a fat burning agent, but we will discuss that later.

Other than turning food into energy niacin also plays a role as an antioxidant. This is beneficial as it removes any form of toxins present in your body. Niacin helps in repairing DNA as well and is recommended for people having suffered from any disease. It provides with a boost of energy for daily functions.


Does Niacin Burn Fat?


Niacin flush weight loss is not new and has existed in the market for quite some time now. It used to be present in a lot of weight loss pills. Niacin weight loss pills specifically are reported to consist of temporary fat burning qualities. However, a lot of reviews online show that Niacin diet pills mostly increase body temperature.

One review, in particular, complains of how the pills increased the temperature so much that the person got rashes. The person was hanging out with his friends and suddenly felt hot even though it was cold outside. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that Niacin diet pills burn more energy but not necessarily enough fat.


Which foods contain Niacin for Weight Loss?


You can find Vitamin B3 in almost all of your daily food items. It is present in all green vegetables along with fish, meat, and poultry. Some of these products have been induced with niacin so that people’s daily dietary needs could be met.

All of them produce some amount of effects on cholesterol levels. You should look up some great recipes online concerning these food items to get the maximum input of Niacin in your system. Good, yummy foods give you more incentives to eat them rather than just being a good source of niacin. Especially if you are feeding them to children. Their daily diets are essential when they are in their growing age.


Benefits of Niacin filled Weight Loss Supplement?


Lowers Cholesterol Levels:


Two major categories are present of cholesterols in your body. Bad cholesterols as LDL cholesterols and good cholesterols known as HDL cholesterols. Niacin based weight loss supplement helps reduce the bad cholesterols in your body that lead to heart diseases. The official percentage ranges from 5% to 20% reduction in LDL cholesterols.

Niacin for weight loss supplement has been in regular use since the 1950s. The supplement is naturally recommended by doctors for patients who have suffered a stroke or are most likely to. The substance is also present in several vitamins or heart-related medicine. Furthermore, bad cholesterols are also detrimental to health because they aid in the fat buildup — niacin benefits weight loss in this way.


Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases:


We all now know that niacin benefits weight loss helps in reducing bad LDL cholesterol levels in our bodies. Scientists, however, have found a newer method by which niacin helps benefit in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Apparently, niacin also reduces oxidative stress in our body along with inflammation. This function is mostly like because of anti-oxidant properties. Your arteries no longer harden, and the chances of a stroke are lower.

You might come across several articles online related to niacin and cardiovascular diseases. It is best to discuss the topic with your doctor to confirm the effects of adding niacin-rich foods to your plans.


Helps Treat Type 1 Diabetes:


Type 1 Diabetes is a problematic disease. The effects of the disease reduce insulin production in our body. Not only that but it also destroys the remaining insulin cells which are necessary for the conversion of food into energy.

Specifically, the insulin converts sugar (glucose) present in your body to the energy needed for daily tasks. A reduction in insulin means you get lesser energy during workouts. This process then goes on to get you tired more easily. There is a downside to taking niacin for diabetes patients because the niacin for weight loss also increases the blood sugar levels in the body. This means diabetes patients who use this treatment will need to keep a check on their blood sugar levels.


Boosts Brain Functioning:


Your brain controls everything but requires energy to function. Niacin weight loss is an important substance that helps in the functioning of your brain by giving it energy. It is an important coenzyme without which the brain cannot function. Adding niacin supplements to your diet can increase the performance of your brain.

Schizophrenic patients are also recommended to keep niacin as part of their diet. It allows for increasing brain activity that benefits to mitigate any further brain damage from occurring.


Side effects of Niacin Weight Loss Supplement?


Nausea and Vomiting:


Different substances react differently when they enter our body. Newton’s law is present everywhere folks! Remember For every action, we have learned it well that there is an equal and indeed an opposite reaction and the same is the case with Niacin. Several reviews online complain that after taking their daily niacin dosage, people ended up nauseous. This lead to experiences such as their heads spinning which lead to vomiting.

The experience is one of the major side effects of niacin weight loss supplement. Go to the doctor immediately if you face this side effect as they will be able to guide you better under the circumstance.


Allergic Reactions:


This case is mostly present because users do not check the ingredients before they consume the supplement. It is quite possible that niacin diet pills may contain an ingredient that you do not bode well with. Online reviews claim that users felt a red rash after consuming the product, but the chances are these users are already allergic to vitamin B3. They also claimed that sometimes their body would heat up so badly that they would start having breathing problems. Hence, it is important to have proper allergy tests before you start not just vitamin B3 or any other supplement.


Sweating Consistently:


This is a possibility after the effect of consuming niacin diet pills. Niacin flush weight loss increases the production of energy and energy is heat. This means niacin weight loss directly affects the body temperature of the user. That is the reason why the company cautions against ingesting more than the required dosage. This can lead to increased sweating as the body consistently tries to cool itself down. The effects can last for half an hour. Therefore, it is crucial that you drink lots of water. Excess sweating can cause serious health problems as your body ends up losing important minerals in the form of sweat.




The most widely known side effect of medicines is an inability to sleep. Especially medicines that affect the brain or have weight loss functions. Niacin weight loss supplement affects the body’s overall energy output. This means if you end up taking the dose at night, you will probably not be able to sleep properly due to excess energy. Imagine awake at night and staring at the roof while you are pumping with jolts of energy. You might as well start the workout right there. A few good pushup sets might make you tired enough to induce sleep.


Skin Itching Problem:


Ever had a mosquito bite? Of course, you have. This effect is something similar to that. Reviews online produce images of people producing a red rash in several parts of their body after having eaten the niacin supplement. Most of the people increased their dosage without proper guidance which might have been the cause. Body temperature is likely to be the main culprit here. A good cold bath can help you out in reducing overall that. Furthermore, you can use anti-allergy creams and cold creams in the affected areas to mitigate the effects. Do not forget, after all; it is a vitamin. Although it is natural, anything in excess can have an adverse impact even if it is a natural thing.


Niacin Dosage for Weight Loss?


The dietary reference intake guides us on how much niacin a certain individual must take. Everyone has to take it differently. Children are known to have a need of 1 to 16 milligrams daily depending on their age group. Male adults have a need of 17 milligrams daily (more if you work out and sweat a lot). Female adults have to take at least 15 milligrams a day (19 mg if you are pregnant or in proper baby development stage).

These dosages are present after proper research. You can meet your daily niacin flush weight loss needs by eating lots of vegetables and maintaining a healthy diet. The doctor prescribing you niacin diet pills means you have a deficiency in which case you get the rest of your niacin input through the tablets.

Flushing and red skin is a common after-effect of taking niacin pills. Even when you take proper dosages the effect is known to surface. This is why doctors recommend taking the niacin weight loss supplement with aspirin. The aspirin is a painkiller that numbs you of the rash until your body adapts to it naturally. In a few months’ time, the red rashes will go away, and you can easily go on with the weight loss treatment.




It is your time to lose the extra calories after having faced the wrath of society for far too long. Even though first impressions of a person are often shallow, they are what most people think of you from that time onwards. Being fat in a society that associates overweight individuals as a drain on a resource can be bad for one’s mental health. From very early on you must have faced bullying and comments on your physical appearance.

Working out is healthy and a basic necessity in life. You feel fresh, and with a dose of niacin weight loss in your system, you will feel energized for any task at hand. Your body too is supportive of any laborious task you will go on to execute. You too feel good about yourself as you fit into a size medium from an extra-large. That’s when you know that your hard work has paid off. By taking the supplement, you also increase your overall lifespan as you lose weight. This adds many precious years to your life where you can spend it bully-free making memories that you couldn’t when you were younger. Never give up. There is always a way out!

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