Stairs Workout-Smart Style of Workout To Get You In Shape

Stairs workout, is it really a good decision? Working out on a regular basis is the best way to control your weight. Stairs WorkoutThere are many benefits to being fit. Not only you get the confidence boost you did not have for most of your life, but you also look good. Imagine yourself with buffed up arms/ no flabby arms, out of shape chest, and legs. Imagine walking up to your friends, and they are completely astounded at the way you suddenly look. You would feel a sense of pride taking over as you finally see how your hard work paid off.

Yes, all of that is possible. Most people start out with a focus on the upper body. This in-turn leaves no attention to the lower which is wrong. Imagine a buffed up upper with Chicken leg and thighs.

Even you would not find an excuse to ignore leg day because it seriously adds to your overall appearance. There is an easy way to get the gains fortunately for you, and that is through stairs workout.


What is Stairs Workout? stairs workout

The name pretty much has all the information you need to guess what this is.  Running stairs workout mostly needs stairs and an enthusiastic brain to execute. Running stairs workout can be done climbing stairs, running up the stairs or even hopping a step at a time. They are great for calves and thighs. The higher the incline, the more the pressure on your lower body and the more the buildup of muscle.


What is the Machine Stairs Workout?  Stairs Workout?

Have you ever noticed how escalators work? The mechanism behind machine stairs is the same except they never end. Furthermore, the user has to keep on climbing the stairs using the railings attached to it. The stairs are inclined to an angle that is beneficial for burning up any unnecessary fat and expand muscles. The biggest benefit you get from Machine stairs or “Stair Climbers” is that you never have to turn around and climb back down.


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Benefits of Running Stairs Workout

Burns a lot more calories: stairs workout

There are many health-related stairs workout benefits. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator is a more beneficial exercise. You can keep yourself more active throughout the day, and your muscles flex which keeps you fresh. The biggest benefit is because stairs workout benefits are harder to execute, they end up burning a lot of bad calories.

Not just in your lower body but upper body as well. While elevators may seem convenient, they are not the best way to lose weight. Imagine having burnt 500 calories with just an hour of stairs workout. That’s as much as you playing volleyball for hours.


Very Convenient: Stairs Workout

You should make use of stairs climbing workout if you find yourself frequently in areas that have them. The biggest advantage goes to apartment owners. Instead of going up by elevator, use the stairs. This does not mean you climb 12 floors but simply means you go up to 5. Once you feel warmed up, you can revert to taking the lift. The point is to get you working out more often than not. Having stairs at your home and apartment building is perhaps the most convenient way to workout.


Builds Extra Strength:

You have no idea how many muscles are worked on when you execute a stair climbing workout, do you? Stair workouts allow movement in the core as well as your thigh and leg muscles. They work on your hamstrings, calves as well as abdominal areas to add extra durability. It simply means that you will be able to run faster and for longer miles once you translate that hard work into cardio exercises.


Great as Cross Training:

The exercise is great for hips and leg muscles. Hence, making it a core requirement for seasoned athletes. Swimmers, Long Jumpers, Cyclers, and most other athletes should get in the habit of stair workouts. Once you start you should always keep in mind that there has to be balanced.

Meaning if the upper body does not receive enough attention the lower body workouts will not have enough effect on your sport. Most sports require strong muscles in both areas for maximum athletic potential. Especially when it comes to aerobics. Your triceps and deltoids are as important there as are calves and hip flexors.


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Benefits of Stairs Machine Workout?

Maximizes Cardio Effects: Stairs workout

Your daily cardio has scientific proof to be beneficial for maintaining your physique. Now imagine adding resistance to what you already do. Stair machine workouts are in an inclined position and can go further inclined as per need. Furthermore, they can be customized to assist you in whatever goal you have set yourself.

You can make the exercise easier or harder with the push of a single button. Therefore, it becomes convenient. Not only that but then when you climb stairs your heartbeat becomes faster than usual. This, in turn, happens to burn a lot of calories, and you can really feel the burn then it is good because it means your workout is in the right place.


Increases Core Strength: Stairs workout

Normal stairs are not for workouts but for simply commuting inside a building. Stair climbers. However, they are primarily built to assist specific body parts that require training. Your core is as important as your legs. Without a strong core, you cannot move. Hence, keep the stair climber at the full inclined level and keep climbing the stairs. It’ll be like climbing a mountain indoors.



No matter what you do, your workout will define the kind of physique you possess at the end. Make sure you divide the week equally amongst all the body parts. Research which exercise does what and that way you will be able to keep track of what you are doing. Your gains are your responsibility, and we assure you that stairs workouts are a huge help when it comes to that. You do not even need to spend thousands on weight loss pills when you can do it the old fashioned way.


A sweaty brow and a positive attitude will get you far for sure.



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