Thrive Patch Reviews With Facts That I Bet No One will Share

What Is Thrive Patch?

There is a good number of people who use this product without actually knowing what Thrive Patch is. They mistake its purpose. When they fail to get the desired results, they add to the Thrive Patch scam comments.

Thrive Patch is a solution for weight loss which you place onto the skin for reducing fat in that area. According to various Thrive Patch reviews, the whole process will carry on for eight weeks. Many Thrive Patch reviews have considered this product to be a weight loss wonder while others find it a waste of money.


Is The Thrive Patch Waterproof?

The short answer is yes. It is waterproof even you can use it while you taking a shower.


Will Thrive Patch Disturb My Sleep?

No, it will not disturb your sleep. You can use it when you are sleeping.


What Does The Company Say? Thrive Patch Reviews

The Thrive weight loss patch is a product by Le-Vel. It is popular as the fastest growing company in the health and wellness industry due to its amazing products and commendable marketing.

The company has promised its customers that the Thrive weight loss patch will not only help them lose a considerable amount of weight but, will also improve their health within eight weeks.

The company has used its latest Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) for the creation of its Thrive weight loss patch. This innovative technology helps in delivering the ingredients through your skin and is also present as costumery nutrition as the users can wear it. The company claims that this technology will aid in providing you with the best results.

According to the company, the product is something which can be experienced only as it is hard to describe and explain. Furthermore, the patch comes in different colors and patterns so that you can choose according to your liking.


How Does Thrive-Patch Work?

The unique formula delivers all the nutrients to your body through your skin. This is possible because the Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) has been in use in the creation of this weight loss product. But that is not it as the company; Le Vel requires its customers to get themselves connected to Le-Vel promoter and create their profile. After getting yourself registered, you can continue with this life-changing experience in which you will be in taking various vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics, plant extracts, and minerals.

It does not end there either because you will be consuming Le Vel’s protein shake daily. After completing the whole procedure, you can wear the Thrive weight loss patch. To apply Thrive Patch, clean and dry the area on which you will be applying the product. After placing it on the desired spot, press onto the sticky side of it. Keep it on for the next 24 hours, and then you can apply a fresh patch.


Pros And Cons Of Thrive Patch:

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  • It may help in reducing some weight.
  • Ingredients are natural.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The company provides no money back guarantee.
  • The positive reviews seem fake.
  • Majority of the reviews are negative.
  • The product is only present on the Le Vel website.
  • It can cause unknown side effects.
  • The product is too pricey.
  • It does not offer good value for the price.



Thrive Patch Reviews

Thrive Patch Ingredients:

The product is a mixture of six active ingredients. Thrive Patch ingredients include the following:


ForsLean: Thrive Patch Reviews

This ingredient is an herb belonging to the family of mint and is also famous as a distant ancestor of Kaffir potato. ForsLean is a trademark name for this herb which was initially famous as Coleus forskohlii. Its use is widely present as a pickled condiment in the country of India which is known for its vast collection of herbs and spices.

Ayurveda medicine states that this herb helps in getting rid of inflammation, pain, helps in curing digestive disorders and also improves your skin tissues. The company’s review of this ingredient seems to be a bit industry refined while, according to an experiment, it came out that ForsLean causes slow weight gain instead of rapid weight loss. However, in another experiment, it was found that the herb had successfully helped in reducing body fat but, had increased the testosterone levels and the bone mass.

There is no guaranty that the topical application of this herb may work since it always has been present for oral consumption.


Green Coffee Bean Extract: Thrive Patch Reviews

The green coffee bean extract is high in chlorogenic acid because its extraction comes from unroasted coffee beans. Some experts are of the opinion that it promotes weight loss by preventing the absorption of carbohydrates. According to a study conducted on adults dealing with obesity, it came out that the ingredient encouraged weight loss on a prolonged rate even though the participants were taking it five times a day for 2 to 3 months straight. However, drinking this as instant coffee showed much better and quicker results. The participants ended up losing approximately 12 pounds on an average.


Garcinia Cambogia: Thrive Patch Reviews

This ingredient extraction is from a tropical plant’s fruit which is popular to be high in Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA). This compound is famous for curbing hunger and causing a rapid fat burn. However, according to specific experiments, it occurred that this ingredient is not as effective on human beings as compared to rats.

Still, Some more research is necessary to confirm the effectiveness of this natural fruit that is quite common in traditional cuisines.


Coenzyme Q10: Thrive Patch Reviews

CoQ10 also famous as Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant which is present for producing energy in the powerhouse of cells. We also know it as mitochondria. The chemical is present naturally in the human body. It is also present in various foods like broccoli, chicken, beef, peanuts and different types of fish like herring. Coenzyme Q10 is also consumable as a supplement if you have any deficiencies. It also helps in curing various heart diseases, signs of aging and trauma. However, no study has shown that this active ingredient promotes weight loss.


Cosmoperine: Thrive Patch Reviews

This active ingredient is a black pepper extract. It is a trade name which is in use for tetrahydrobiopterin. Various studies state this product to be an excellent cure for pains, aches, and inflammation. However, none of them indicate that the ingredient supports weight loss. The noteworthy thing is that it may help in weight loss but making any claims need better support in terms of scientific grounds.



White Willow Bark: Thrive Patch Reviews

It is a common remedy for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. It is traditionally present in parts of Europe and China. White Willow Bark is available in several aspirins as this active ingredient includes salicin. Similar to the majority of other Thrive Patch ingredients, no study has undergone which shows that White Willow Bark promotes weight loss.


Thrive Patch Side Effects And Dangers: Thrive Patch Reviews

The possible side effects are nowhere to be available on the official website of this product. However, from various Thrive Patch reviews, the product causes skin irritation & itching, headache, nausea, and cramping of muscles was present in some reviews. These are the side effects which were present in reports. However, since the product has never been part of thorough research work, there is a high chance that it can have some other serious side effects as well.


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Thrive Patch Reviews

After extensive research, the product is not a weight loss miracle. You will still have to put a lot of effort to lose weight. A few customers stated that they had seen no changes in their weight and they believe that it was a sticker scam. Thrive Patch Reviews

People have reported that although they felt an increase in their energy, the product failed to curb their hunger pangs. Not only this but, the majority of them had to deal with various Thrive Patch side effects which included headaches, nausea, and weight gain. Even when they stopped applying the patch, the side effects were still there for at least a few days.

According to various Thrive Patch reviews, the product causes itching, and the glue was too hard to take off, and some of them had to scrub their skin raw. There were rarely any positive reviews which were only present on the product’s official website.

Apart from stating the failure of this product, the customers also talked about the company’s horrible customer service. People experienced glitchy systems, billing mistakes and some did not even receive the free items the promise of the package.


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Is Thrive Patch A Scam? Should You Try It?

The product seems to be a dream come true for obese. However, the claims of the company are not present with scientific backup. Each of the active ingredients used in the manufacturing of this product seems to have mildly worked only when oral consumption was present. The Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) is a failure of an innovation. Hence, this product is a most likely a scam and will unlikely work for you. Thus, investing money is not an option here for such an expensive product, try incorporating a healthier lifestyle to see rapid results.

There is no easy short cut when it comes to losing weight for good. Yes, some products can support and accelerate your weight loss process. However, the best results come with healthy eating and being physically active. Hence, to conclude, it is better that you save your money and protect yourself from unknown side effects by not purchasing the product.




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