Vegetable & Fruit Diet 2019 For Weight Loss-Info Will Shock

Vegetable And Fruit Diet For Weight Loss, does it really work or another trend? Let’s find out! 

Most of the people who are interested in the healthy dieting even a bit are well aware that how important fruits and vegetables can be for their diet and keep them full for a more extended period of time.

However, there are still so many fruits, and vegetable choices are available out there that makes us so much confused and we just start wondering whether or not we should go for these options or not.

For instance, it is quite common to skip avocados, carrots, peas, bananas, and sweet corn because often we assume (due to lack of information). They are fattening.

Nevertheless, the real situation is entirely different or if you say it is another way around so it will not be wrong either whereas it is a common belief that having celery or grapefruit just reduce body mass fast.



The Reality Behind Veggies And Fruits

Is Vegetable And Fruit Diet For Weight Loss Really Possible?

There is no second opinion that the consumption of fruits and veggies is definitely a recipe of a healthy and fit body.
Because in this world, everything is present for a reason and fruits & vegetables do not have an exception to this reality.
Most of the veggies and fruits are a great source of fiber, pretty low in calorie count & fat. Therefore, they become great for weight loss.
Moreover, they are full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that are quite easily overlooked but they have some pretty crucial roles to play for our health. One of the roles is shielding us against different diseases.

Interesting Finding

Research reveals we tend to consume the same amount or quantity of food no matter what the number of calories that food item contains. Hence, replacing this quantity with healthy options simply mean, we will indeed have some positive change in our overall weight. Sticking to low-calorie food is actually the key to lose weight in an ideal time frame.

You know what! Most of the veggies and fruit weight pretty high. Therefore, having a fruit and vegetable diet is a sure yes if you are interested in vegetable and fruit diet for weight loss.


We take a meal that contains chicken, butter, potatoes, a little olive oil, and some red vine; overall this meal will provide us around 800 calories whereas its weight is merely 500g.
Substitute this example meal now with chicken, potato, carrots, broccoli, and some green salad. The same weight of 500 g will just be of 480 calories.

The gist of this example is you will experience the same fullness, but the consumption of calories will be lesser. Thus, you will end up saving up to 300-350 calories.

It may seem a small number at first, but within a week this 300 to 350 calories per meal deficit will be enough to make an overall half kg difference.

But what is the deal with food choices such as sweet corn, peas, carrots, avocados, and bananas?

These food items are relatively high in calories. It is not like that you cannot consume them, but even their minimum quantity contains more calories.


Two small apples will give you the same amount of calories as a banana. In the same way, you can eat up to six times more spinach for the same calories that you are likely to get with a small portion of sweet corns.


Furthermore, if you talk about avocados, they are high in fat content but the fat content of good quality. 
What does it mean? Well, not all types of fat are dangerous for us, there are some excellent fats too that our body requires functioning effectively. This is not it because this monounsaturated fat content is full of vitamin E.

Despite the fact that these food items are high on calorie, it does not translate you should eliminate them from your list.

As they are still vital to our health and avoiding them altogether is not a very good idea.
Avoiding simply means we are going to miss essential nutrients and elements that are important for our diet and health.


The noticeable main tip is, just add them to your food list, adjust the quantity of each food item instead of completely avoiding it. Or if you do not already have a calorie counting diary, you may try it for free.

Moreover, grapefruit and celery are no doubt less in calories, but still, it is not clear how much they can be useful for fat burn, you can take it as low-calorie food but consuming them and thinking that you will lose some extra weight or burn extra calories is not a very effective option.

Best Options For Vegetable And Fruit Diet For Weight Loss

Every day you should aim to add a number of different fruit in your diet. Seasonal fruits are the best because they come in the seasons for a reason and they tend to give maximum benefit when you consume them in the right season.

Try to include at least five servings and also try to aim for different hues of them
It is good to have seasonal food items, as long as you are consuming five servings. You can include fruits, vegetables, canned, dried, frozen or simply juices.
However, dried fruits do not offer you a feeling of fullness, and they are high in calorie too. Thus, take them but in moderation.

In the count of 100 calories you can have 25 medium sized strawberries, two tangerines, around 100 raspberries, 2 cups diced watermelon but just 27-30 g of mixed dried fruits.


Moreover, the whole food item rather using its juice is much better because when you eat it, you get fiber and a feeling of fullness in fewer calories. However, in the case of juice, the major fiber portion you have already eliminated plus usually juice contains more calories than the actual single serving of fruit.

It is simple 1-2 oranges are more filling than a glass of juice of 6- 7 oranges.

How Many Veggies And Fruits Should A Person Eat? (Vegetable And Fruit Diet For Weight Loss)
Around the weight of 80 g is considered one portion. Here are a few combinations that you might use as a reference.

  • Three dried apricots
  • One tablespoon raisins
  • 150 ml fresh juice without any other artificial addition
  • One any of the following examples banana, apple, orange, pear, etc
  • Two plums/ kiwi
  • Three tablespoons of pluses, beans or vegetables
  • Three tablespoons of stewed fruit or fruit salad
  • 1 cup berries, cherries or grapes
  • One dessert sized bowl of salad
  • Fresh pineapple or 1 large slice of melon

Final Comment-Vegetable And Fruit Diet For Weight Loss

Nothing could have been better simply an amazing combination with real effects to offer. Since both fruits and vegetable are natural options weight loss, their chances of causing any trouble are zero to none. Moreover, they are great for your overall body health.



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