My Weight Loss Journey [98 KG to 49 KG]/ 216 to 108 lbs-2020

My Weight Loss Journey [98 KG to 49 KG]/ 216 to 108 lbs-2020. I started my journey on the 11th of June of losing almost half of my current body weight. It obviously sounds scary, false, too good to be true, and what not but the thing is it is true.

I am finally losing all this weight that I have piled up in the last few 2-3 years.

Frankly speaking, I have never been a skinny type except when I was in my early teens (12 or maybe 14 years old).

I have been always overweight but my body weight never remained constant.

It keeps changing. I often gain 15 to 20 pounds or whenever my health routine is good, I start losing weight.

By now most of you might think that I have piled up all this weight due to any health issue so the answer is in a negative statement.

I have never had any health issues throughout my life that could have caused me weight gain except 2-3 years back when my vitamin D levels got alarmingly low and I gained weight due to low vitamin D levels.

In short, all this weight is due to my own negligence which I finally have taken the decision to get rid of.


What has triggered me so badly that I am ready to lose almost 108 lbs?

Well, to be honest, there is no such thing that has triggered. I cannot recall something which I can say has been the triggered point. It is more about personal choice and self-awareness.


┬áDidn’t you have self-awareness earlier?

I have been aware of my obesity and that is one of the reasons that I have been doing/trying different things/strategies to get rid of this excess weight.

I usually get successful whenever I include the right food groups, physical activity, and healthy habits in my routine.


In my personal experience, weight loss is not an issue if you are seriously trying and not looking for shortcuts. Plus always keep this thing in mind that you didn’t gain all this weight in one go so be easy on yourself and lose it slowly/ gradually and be confident that you can lose.


How can someone be confident that they can lose excess weight?

There is no 1 fixed formula for everyone. weight loss is more about trial and testing mechanism rather than a fixed thing. Keep this point always in mind that no one knows your body better than you. get your different tests (medical tests that can have an impact on weight loss or gain) and then try different things like skipping white sugar from the diet, avoiding rice or refined flour, pasta, or heavy carb-based food items. You may take more proteins in different food groups to evaluate how your body reacts to that different diet approach. Take notes. If those changes work, keep doing them (make sure they are not a short cut way to lose weight or fat).


How can I know if something is a shortcut or a proper way to lose weight?

the best practice is to indulge yourself in some research. it may sound too much but try little by little. Like in one go learn about carb/fat/protein portion/percentage in our daily food intake. Later you can learn about other nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis plus in which food groups or items you can get those nutrients. It may not take you more than a few weeks but by the end, you can handle your weight loss journey on your own.


Enough is enough… I wanna lose weight … but No time or 0% time for gym/exercise… all the time busy in the kitchen and household chores

Skip 1-2 bites at a time from your meals and gradually decrease the food you are taking. 1 to 2 bites you won’t even notice but in the long run, they can help you out cutting extra calories.
Once you can handle cutting calories, omit the sugar, carbs from the diet but again 1 small thing at a time, so small that you don’t even notice that you are doing it or it should not feel like a burden.
Never go for overnight changes as usual, we are unable to sustain them, always make small changes in your eating style, other habits that can improve your weight loss journey.
(Be sure about your tests, make sure everything is working right in your body and this weight gain is only because of bad eating habits or negligence and because of any severe health issues.
If your weight gain is due to health issues, always discuss with a doctor so you can keep things on the right track.)
Keep the same schedule, these tips are enough to make you lose 1-2 pounds per week. The goal is to take your calorie intake to 1100-1200 per day (for females).
After losing 10-15 kgs, you can start exercise as well.
Exercise never makes you lose weight directly unless you are doing it too much, it is actually your food intake that makes you lose real weight.
When you can easily handle /control 1200 calories per day range, try to be more mindful that what kind of foods you take in these 1200 calories.
In this whole process, always believe in taking baby steps, never rush things. You didn’t gain all this weight in 1 day so don’t try to lose it fast. Lose it and then make changes that can help you to maintain your weight loss results.
One more thing, no one knows your body better than you do, so make sure, you observe how your body acts with all the small changes that you make.
Never go for crash diets and too good to be true kind of diets. Take a long route but a sure route.
Take 7-9 hours of sleep and on time, avoid unreasonable stress, and keep yourself hydrated.
The ideal water intake is 1 glass of water/liquid (not tea/coffee/fizzy drinks) for every 5 kg weight of your body. So, if your weight is 50 kg, you should be taking 10 glasses of water every day and if you sweat a lot then add 1-2 glass of water more. This is just a rough idea in summer for water, in winter you may decrease water intake to some extent.
Having a well-hydrated body is also very effective for the brain’s working.


To be continued…

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